The umbrella upon which the business thrives, Luxuria’s priority is the effective distribution of goods to its partner clients.  Our strategic planning caters to both retail and wholesale, as well as selective and exclusive distribution.

Our approach is based on brand building and as such involves a considerable amount of investigation, planning and investment.  In an industry where brand identity is pivotal, we take the time to understand a brand’s ethos and core values and only then conduct the necessary market research to determine what, if any, potential it may have in this region.  This selection process ensures the most efficient use of both ours and our supplier’s resources.

Once a brand is selected, we proceed to finalizing a detailed business plan which outlines the strategy best suited to the brands objectives and potential.  It would also include a feasible commercial and marketing approach outlining investment, price positioning, product compatibility and competitor barometers.

Our distribution networks encompasses all major retailers, department stores and perfumeries with the option of branded boutiques and kiosks. Depending on our client’s distribution ethos and product type, we also work with all major pharmacy chains and health retailers.